Is Vienna the area’s gold standard city to reside in? It depends on what you measure

For the 10th 12 months in a row, Vienna topped Mercer's annual best of dwelling ranking. Mid-sized European cities generally dominate the listing, with most effective two non-European cities—Vancouver and Auckland—earning a spot within the accurate 10 this 12 months.

The annual survey, posted previous this month, ranks cities according to a few categories, including housing, exercise, public transport, and faculties and education. it's devised to highlight the relative desirability of 500 destinations the place expatriate executives frequently relocate. So, if you're a banker from London, long island, or Hong Kong, you may additionally like the appear of Vienna in case your company asks to circulate you there. but when you work in a unique box—or you're a local in a single of the cities in the rankings—the checklist isn't as constructive.

Mercer's 2019 satisfactory of dwelling ranking Rank metropolis 1 🇦🇹 Vienna 2 🇨🇭 Zurich three 🇨🇦 Vancouver four 🇩🇪 Munich 5 🇳🇿 Auckland 6 🇩🇪 Düsseldorf 7 🇩🇪 Frankfurt eight 🇩🇰 Copenhagen 9 🇨🇭 Geneva 10 🇨🇭 Basel

Mercer is upfront concerning the intention of the rankings, however many reporters leave out the memo. Some fail to point out crucial caveats about the just a little narrow goal of the report.

The Economist Intelligence Unit additionally releases an annual global Liveability Index, which in August noticed Vienna take the top spot for the first time, beating out Melbourne. These rankings also study quality of life from the point of view of business professionals and, like the Mercer document, information concerning the rankings regularly fails to mention this.

The EIU consequences aren't as Europe-heavy as Mercer's: cities in Australia and Canada took six of the desirable 10 spots (pdf) in the newest checklist. however the two are largely identical—mid-sized cities in mid-sized, prosperous nations tend to do the top-quality.

In each rankings, the issue that's in all probability trickiest to measure is subculture—a huge part of why people flock to certain cities, specifically big ones. Mercer measures "activity," which contains an evaluation of eating places, theaters, cinemas, activities, and entertainment features. The EIU issues scores for "tradition and ambiance," which also includes things like food, searching, activities, etc.

bear in mind that these stories verify cities in line with their beauty to expats, probably because a flow on a time-restricted project. The richness of a city's culture is critical, of route, but extra transactional issues like security, housing, and personal schools may take priority. this is why, possibly, London, ny, and Tokyo—which took the forty first, 44th, and forty ninth spots respectively in Mercer's rankings—tend to lose out to sleepier areas.